Where Commercial Brokers and Lenders Meet

What We Do

At SkyMeta,™ commercial mortgage brokers and commercial real estate lenders come together to establish relationships and make great loans in an innovative fashion to deliver outsize benefits to borrowers, brokers, and lenders. SkyMeta's system enables brokers to quickly find best fit lenders for each deal, lenders to efficiently source the loans and relationships they are looking for, and borrowers end up with better deals tailored to deliver superior benefits across the yeild curve and deal terms.


Commercial Mortgage Brokers

  • Get Real-time pricing
  • Fast deal placement
  • Powerful search parameters
  • Efficient loan processing
  • Superior price and structure fit
  • Market-breaking results

Commercial Lenders

  • Win new referral relationships
  • Bring in the business
  • Credit box targeting
  • Automated business development
  • Blow out your goals

Why Choose Us

The Sky is the Limit Unique Teamwork Market Community


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SkyMeta is a software company operating as an application service provider in the field of information management to create and host computer application software. Current applications support financing activities. Financing activities include wholesale lending services. The company specializes in utilizing metadata to bring complex parts of complex markets online. Get SkyMeta's proprietary metadata algorithms working for you and start winning more business today.