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What We Do

The SkyMeta™ web app is a commercial mortgage pricing engine for commercial real estate lenders and commercial mortgage loan brokers, automating key parts of deal pricing, placement, and origination to give approved lenders and loan brokers an edge in speed, spread, structure, quality, reputation, and lead generation.


Commercial Loan Brokers

  • Get real-time pricing
  • Fast and time-saving deal placement
  • Superior pricing and structure fit
  • Lender paid comp (in some cases)
  • Access new funding sources
  • Market-breaking deals
  • Speed that wins deals
  • Keep your spread – just $15 per LOI request

Commercial Lenders

  • Get new deals
  • Target with your credit box
  • Win new relationships
  • Differentiate with structure
  • Build dynamic pricing that updates automatically
  • Rest easy with pricing privacy that keeps your rates confidential until LOI request and even then only shares the matching option
  • Turn brokers into your business dev force
  • Keep your spread – just $15 per LOI request


What Commercial Loan Brokers Are Saying

"SkyMeta helps me find the best lenders for each particular deal, often lenders I would have never found otherwise, and in a fraction of the time.  The best lender for each deal is the one that is prepared to deliver the ideal structure for each client at the most compelling rate.  I even get lender paid comp on certain deals."

What Lenders Are Saying

"SkyMeta allows me to access a trusted network of brokers to source just the sort of deals my bank is most interested in, deals I can win.  I also appreciate the support for relationship pricing that enables me to win new banking relationships for the bank and hit all my quotas.  SkyMeta is like a relationship generation engine for me."

Flexible Subscription Pricing

Keep Your Spread


$ 15
  • 1 LOI request per month
  • Additional requests $15 each

Why Choose Us

The Sky is the Limit Unique Teamwork Market Community

Borrowers - Find A Broker

SkyMeta believes in the pivotal advisory role commercial loan brokers play in winning the ideal financing for each borrower. If you are a borrower, please complete the form below to get introduced to a broker that can use the power of SkyMeta for your loan request.


SkyMeta is a software company operating as an application service provider in the field of information management to create and host computer application software. Current applications support financing activities. Financing activities include wholesale lending services. The company specializes in utilizing metadata to bring complex parts of complex markets online. With the company's proprietary metadata algorithms making you faster and smarter than your competitors, the sky's the limit for your business.